Global Recruiter ‘Adapt to Survive’ Issue – Rhys Jones, a proven business builder who now helps recruiters do the same

Davidson Gray is the central hub for the business support, enjoyed by the partner businesses. It is however more the holding company Rhys Jones uses to invest in a very small group of recruiters serious about building a recruitment business.

Davidson Gray does provide all the recruiters needs in a business start-up plus all the ongoing business services but it is Rhys’s commitment to helping grow the partner businesses that is the real differentiator.

Rhys moved from a high performing recruiter to a recruitment business owner in 2000 forming Elliot Marsh, then in 2005 a second business Executive Headhunters, taking both successfully to sale before exiting in 2013.

It’s these experiences Rhys wanted to help benefit recruiters who themselves want to go on to build impressive recruitment companies. In Rhys’s words “I want to help recruiters enjoy the success I had if not more, and certainly faster and easier than I did” he also adds “ moving from recruiter to business builder is like taking a new job with no instruction manual and no one to show you how to do it and expecting to be a big success. My trial and error experiences help massively in working with the business owners, I not only have successful strategies I can share but also anecdotes on how certain things may not work so well. This takes out a lot of the risk and adds a lot more profit to the partner businesses.”

The best way to illustrate how Rhys adds real value to the Recruiters he helps is to talk about one of his successes, Taylor Higson and how owner Jonathan Taylor has used Rhys’s skills to make his business a huge success.

Success Story – Taylor Higson

Jonathan Taylor was the first recruiter Rhys helped set up in business through Davidson Gray.

After successfully doubling profit every year for the first 3 years Jonathan wanted to get serious with growth at the start of last year.  In the last 12 months Taylor Higson has tripled in size, and is on plan to repeat that this year.

A lot of this success has been down to the shared aim of Rhys and Jonathan to make Taylor Higson the business people want to join. This is easily illustrated by the growth in staff numbers being achieved through personal recommendation and referral with no hires being through recruitment to recruitment businesses or advertising.

There are many reasons Taylor Higson is a place people love to work, a market leading commission structure, a desire to empower the recruiters to building their divisions their way, and a group business ownerships strategy for those members of the team who are themselves ambitious to be business owners.

Jonathan said “I’m building the business from the perspective of a consultant who was sick of working for people that were obsessed with lining their own pockets rather than actually looking after their staff. What we’re doing here is creating an ethical environment where people want to come to work. We’re removing the B.S KPIs and restraints a lot of other recruitment businesses have which prevent consultants from doing their job and actually earning a proper commission “

Although this sounds a fairly simple strategy it was the result of serious planning between Rhys and Jonathan to build a business that builds itself based on the ambition of those people within it.

Although Jonathan is the Managing Director of Taylor Higson he is not shy of admitting this level of growth would not have been possible without Rhys.

“When Rhys offered to set me up in business I’d not even managed any recruiters never mind a business.  Rhys’s coaching and mentoring has given me the belief to smash my initial goals while still staying true to building a business by a recruiter for recruiters.  Rhys explained from the outset any good MD doesn’t have to be good at every aspect of running a business, it’s the areas you are best at and enjoy the most you should focus on and empower others to help with the rest. This suits my leading from the front style perfectly. I’ve always admired leaders who still bill rather than the ones who beat you with KPI’s, so remaining a top biller is important to me, plus I love it, I think billing £75k in the last 5 weeks shows that. I’m also focused on finding likeminded recruiters who will fit our culture and share the same values and ambitions of the team. This leaves areas such as finance, digital marketing, and business infrastructure which are areas I’m not as passionate about so Rhys takes care of these for me, then between us we share the coaching and staff development.  I could not have achieved what I have without Rhys and I certainly would not have enjoyed growing a business anywhere near as much if I’d not had his experience alongside me.”

If you are interested in building a recruitment business you can contact Rhys direct through his LinkedIn or through If you would like to talk to Jonathan Taylor about joining Taylor Higson to grow your career or even a business within his you can find him on LinkedIn or

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