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How to scale your recruitment business with automation (

Smart lead generation company, Dux-Soup, name check Davidson Gray here in their blog on scaling recruitment businesses using automation.

Value Advantage

Here, The Value Advantage consultancy, refer to Rhys’s advocacy of how increasing the average fee rate can transform a business’s profit.

Job Adder

Global technology provider, JobAdder, were impressed with Rhys’s thoughts on scaling recruitment businesses. See their case study here.


Davidson Gray was a great supporter of this new to market vacancy intelligence service, which has provided leads across our partners’ sectors.

Global Recruiter ‘Adapt to Survive’ Issue – Rhys Jones, a proven business builder who now helps recruiters do the same

Davidson Gray is the central hub for the business support, enjoyed by the partner businesses. It is the holding company Rhys Jones uses to invest in a very small group of recruiters serious about building a recruitment business.

Global Recruiter ‘Start-Up’ Special Issue – Finance Factor

Davidson Gray was featured in the Global Recruiter start-up special in June 2016, and was asked to comment on the general business environment for recruitment businesses. Read our exclusive comments

Recruitment Buzz – Managing Cash in your Recruitment Business

Featured on Recruitment Buzz, MD Rhys Jones discusses how to manage cash flow in a start-up recruitment business.

Global Recruiter ‘Growth’ Special Issue – Playing to the Advantages

Here, Rhys Jones is asked how recruiters should prepare for growth in Global Recruiter’s special issue.

Davidson Gray’s got a new look, but we still build the best recruitment start-ups.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have just unveiled a major brand reaffirmation, and these external changes aren’t just skin deep.
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