About Rhys

Having someone work alongside you who has been where you are, but more importantly has been where you want to go is a huge asset to your business.

Starting as a new business recruiter, Rhys soon became the biggest 360 biller in his first recruitment job. From there the natural progression was to become a business owner, which he did and enjoyed rapid success with his first business Elliot Marsh.

Looking to expand upon these real life business experiences, Rhys attended Cranfield School of Management to develop his knowledge base and graduated from the Business Growth Program with flying colours, so much so he was asked to join the assessment panel to help judge the SME’s business plans.

This gave Rhys the taste to want to work with business leaders within his own industry, helping recruitment entrepreneurs to start and grow their own recruitment companies, and so Davidson Gray was born. This prompted Rhys to sell off his remaining direct recruitment business interests in Elliot Marsh Ltd and Executive Headhunters Ltd to work solely with the Davidson Gray businesses. Rhys is hugely proud of the 100% success record of the businesses he has helped to build.

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