Recruitment Buzz – What you Need to Know to Perfect your Headhunt

This is the second part of my series on How to deliver quality headhunts that WILL win more business. If you’ve not read my first blog I’d suggest you start there so the process I talk you through is in order. The first blog covers:-

  • The Definition of a True Headhunt
  • The Mind Set You Need To Deliver Real Quality
  • How to Compile the Search Reports, and what to show and not show your client
  • Name Gathering and How to Make Initial Headhunt call

The pitch

Once you get a “yes it’s a good time to talk” or they say no and you arrange another more convenient time, that’s the time to Pitch.

As this is one of the more interesting parts of the process, a lot of recruiters get over enthusiastic and just jump into making the headhunt calls and wing it, wrong! If you look at what percentage of time is taken making these vitally important calls, and weigh up the importance level of this part of the headhunt you’ll then understand why you should invest real time working on the best pitch you can. What I’ve found helps in finding the best possible pitch more easily, and gets far better results, is writing the best pitch you can then trying it with a colleague you trust. Yes the first few times this might feel a bit odd, but if your colleague is someone you rate the feedback from on your pitch, the discussion on how to improve it can make a huge difference to the quality of call, and in turn success rate.


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