Breaking Past the Five Staff Barrier

Getting Over Five Staff

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Getting through the five staff barrier...

In previous episodes of the podcast, Rhys has discussed how to scale your business and how to make your first hire – but getting past the barrier of five staff is always a big task. Join Rhys as he discusses the reasons why, and how your business can achieve sustainable growth beyond the five staff barrier.

Want to learn more about making hires in your business? If you’re not quite at the five staff barrier yet, listen to Rhys’s podcast on making your first hire. Once you’ve given that a listen, make sure to download a copy of our eBook, ‘How to Set Up a Recruitment Business’ for a guide on building your business with a strong foundation for future growth.

If you’re interested in how Rhys can help develop your recruitment business, get in touch with him via his LinkedIn page for a chat.

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About The Host

Rhys sold out of his previous recruitment businesses in 2012 to focus solely on helping recruiters set up and build recruitment businesses. Follow Rhys on LinkedIn or contact him direct for help with your start-up recruitment business or for coaching to grow an existing one.

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