Northcote Dynamics Case Study

Northcote Dynamics

Having successfully traded for 9 months on his own, MD Jon Styles made a strategic decision with the aim of not only fast tracking growth, but achieving far greater success in the long run. The strategic change was to look for an very experienced Co-Director with an all-encompassing support offering. He chose Davidson Gray because Rhys has a proven track record of growing recruitment businesses, so he could provide that crucial support and expertise to Northcote Dynamics. The work done by Davidson Gray in the first few months of the new partnership was to re-brand and set foundations on which Jon’s new vision of a true market leading recruitment business in his market could rest on.

After working for other people for nearly a decade, I decided to launch my own business at the end of 2019 because I felt that my growth was severely limited working as an employee in recruitment companies. I already had a general idea of what I would need to do to be successful in setting up and running my own company, so I ploughed on with growing my own (mini!) empire. I quickly found that there was much more to it than just getting a phone and a laptop. In the middle of 2020 I was put in touch with Rhys Jones at Davidson Gray and I quickly realised that I’d been lacking a lot of support with the back office and marketing as well as from a mentor… running a business can be a lonely existence. Davidson Gray quickly made a big impact and the support I get from Rhys and the wider Davidson Gray team is invaluable. I can get on with what I am good at, without worrying about VAT returns or databases, plus the value add of the non-billing business growth aspects like marketing. Even though we’re only 3 months into our partnership, the business is doing very well and we’re on track to hire our first people in Q1 2020.

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