Street Paws – Look what’s arrived!

Street Paws supports the homeless/vulnerably housed with free of charge veterinary care and support in various locations across the UK.

Davidson Gray is a proud patron of Street Paws and the jackets we sponsored have just arrived.

These will keep the veterinary professionals warm whilst they do a brilliant job administering care this winter. If, like us, you think this is a wonderful cause, please donate at

How Can You Help?


We welcome Veterinary Surgeons, Registered Veterinary Nurses and Students to our volunteer teams across the UK.   Drop us an email to for more information and to register an interest. 


If you meet an animal in need in your town or city please let them know about our outreach sessions.  In an emergency where there is a medical need please call 07428 616311 or email Fiona at

Raise funds for Street Paws

Do you want to take on a challenge this year?  Are you a master baker?  Can you organise a fundraising event?

We would be delighted if you could consider a fundraising event for Street Paws.  If you have a great idea head over to our fundraising platform to start your fundraising today.

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