NDC Tek Case Study

Words From Rhys

Founding Directors, Aaron Brown and Ryan Heywood, had big plans for NDC Tek from the outset, however expanding the team to 5 recruiters within 9 months was certainly ahead of plan! A big contributor to the growth was the appointment of Callum Williams, joining the business as a Director only a few months into the company’s existence. Exceeding plans is what Davidson Gray is about, but these guys have made it look easy.

Billing from month one made cash flow simple, and their profile in the sector made staff attraction easy, with every hire coming from an approach from an ex-colleague.  Embracing fresh marketing ideas and using their contacts to promote content has meant brand building is also ahead of plan, so the future for their business is very exciting indeed.

Words From NDC

Ryan and I have been friends for many years and had the luck of working with one another in Recruitment previously. We decided that we were at the optimum point in our lives to start up on our own. Once that decision was made, we decided to speak with multiple potential investors/partners, those with extensive experience in helping people like us. After several meetings and a handful of phone calls, there was only one we knew we wanted to go into partnership with, which was Rhys Jones of Davidson Gray. 

It was very clear from the start how much passion, experience and knowledge Rhys has with helping people like Ryan and myself, which was the main reason for choosing Davidson Gray. 

Moving forward, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Rhys and Nicola have provided us with huge amounts of guidance and advice, taking the stress away from us in starting up our first business. That has left us to focus on what we do best, the billing. We have no experience of business strategy, we knew what we wanted to achieve but not how to do it. Rhys has worked with us to look at the medium and long term and the building blocks we need to put in place. It’s been an education on how to build a business we can really scale, opening our eyes to setting even bigger goals we can genuinely see us achieving.  

If you’re reading this and are considering starting up on your own, book in a chat with Rhys.  We can’t recommend Davidson Gray highly enough.