EPM Recruitment Case Study

EPM Recruitment

Words from Rhys

“When I first met Ross, his background seemed perfect to build a business – 11 years of recruitment experience, 4 of those working with a small recruitment business as it grew to a good-sized outfit. What I didn’t expect was how fast the new business, EPM Recruitment, would take off. In the first 3 months of trading, the business placed £64,000, has 4 large businesses using EPM on a sole supplier agreement and the company website is page one of Google. If this wasn’t good enough, we’re having an awful lot of fun doing it, the perfect combination!

Ross has big plans to grow the company to be the recruitment business of choice in the Enterprise Performance Management space, and if the first few months are anything to go by, I can’t see this being far off.”

Words from Ross

“Once deciding to start EPM Recruitment, it was important to find the most suitable business partner and mentor.  After speaking with a number of investors, it was clear to me that Rhys was the ideal partner and exactly what I was looking for. 

Rhys is highly personable, supportive, in regular contact, and has the back- office infrastructure required to eliminate time consuming areas that hamper recruitment businesses when getting off the ground, something I considered vital. Not only this but Rhys differed from other investors as the relationship built is a business partnership whereby he invests time in the long term structure and planning, helps with the implementation of the plan and is available to meet on a regular basis for mentoring and keeping the plan on track.

This support and infrastructure led to a placement in my first month, 4 in my second and multiple hires in my 3rd month. This continued support will be instrumental as the company grows and ultimately achieves the goals I have set for the business.

If you are looking to start your own recruitment company and looking for a long- term mentor and investor, Rhys is your man!”

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