Clifton Gray Case Study

Clifton Gray

Property recruitment specialists Lisa Clifton and Rachael Gray have over 20 years of experience, nevertheless it was still a magnificent achievement to place 4 candidates in the first 2 weeks in business! However I backed Rachael and Lisa not because they are first class recruiters but for their vision on how they want to build their business. Their forward thinking on building the business today for how they want it be tomorrow fits perfectly with how I believe really successful businesses grow.

“Rhys has completely taken the stress out of establishing our first business. We were looking for a partner who would offer support and guidance in the areas we needed. Although we were both very experienced recruiters, we wanted the reassurance of having a support network that would allow us to do what we do best, recruit! Rhys has over delivered on all his promises and offers excellent mentoring in the areas we need to learn as new business owners. We feel that we’ve found the perfect balance of full autonomy to run our business our way, with the knowledgeable support of a business partner who has a proven track record of growing successful recruitment companies.”


– Lisa Clifton Owner Clifton Gray

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