Alderpoint Partners Case Study

Alderpoint Partners Case Study

Coming from a part-contingent, part-search background, MD Anthony Kaye’s vision was to establish Alderpoint as a genuine top tier executive search business for the property development sector. Since awarding a search assignment is a much bigger commitment for a client than success only work, and often based on the recruitment business having a powerful brand and demonstrable previous successes, this was going to take some serious hard work on brand building. Two years on and that marketing and brand building strategy has contributed to establishing Alderpoint as one of the recognised top-level search businesses in their sector, regularly winning board level retained work with some of the industry’s blue chip organisations like Urban Splash and Avant Homes. The foundation is now set for serious growth, with the next phase of the strategy to scale up on the back on Anthony’s hard work.

“After several years working for a large consultancy I realised I wanted to start my own business but didn’t really want to be just a one- man band – this meant I needed more than a laptop, phone and a little black book. Ideally, I needed to find a backer who would be able to help me through the early teething problems and help me put the foundations in to grow.

Rhys offered me just that. When going into the unknown, having somebody who has been there and done that is incredibly reassuring – there are questions you just don’t know the answer to as a 360 recruiter, like when you need to hire, how to do SEO and PPC etc. You could spend months/years figuring out things for yourself, or you could get yourself a partner/coach who has the hat AND the t-shirt (in several colours).

It’s also very helpful to have somebody there who you can bounce ideas off or discuss an issue with a client you haven’t dealt with before, as he’s basically seen it all. I would happily recommend Rhys and Davidson Gray as a recruitment business partner as he’s simply done it before, and continues to do it, with enthusiasm and drive. “

Anthony Kaye Alderpoint Partners

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