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Build Recruitment Businesses

Benefit from our experience in building successful recruitment businesses.

Davidson Gray is the brainchild of Rhys Jones, and together with our team of experts we invest in recruitment professionals who have what it takes to go it alone and build their own recruitment business. For the recruiters we sponsor, we not only provide and pay for the total business set up, but also the ongoing costs it takes to build and grow your start up recruitment business. This includes personal mentoring and coaching from Rhys and his team.


We give you a fixed term contract committing us to give you all the help we promise, and in return we take a small percentage of revenue. This percentage decreases over time and the more you bill the smaller the percentage. 

We design your business around you, your sector and how you want to grow your business. If you’re an achiever in the recruitment industry then these are some of the ways we invest in you and your business. 

  • Resources – IT, recruitment database, job adverts and boards access.
  • Website – first class responsive and search engine optimised site bespoke to you.
  • Marketing and branding – hands on help and consultation to promote your business how you want.
  • Accountancy – full personal and business accounts.
  • Home office and business setup – email, business cards, company registration.
  • Legal – retained legal services, T&Cs, contract preparation.

We invest in all areas and work with you to develop your business the way you want.

How we support our business partners.

Business Resources

We setup your business. During its launch phase we deal with everything from company registration to domain registration.

From day one we invest in a ready to go virtual office solution for our partners with all the resources you need to run a business day to day and build it year on year. Whether that’s access to IT support; the latest CRM database, accounts preparation and advice, access to a retained legal counsel or job board access, it’s all taken care of so you can focus on the business of recruiting.

Coaching & Mentoring

Setting up and building a recruitment business from home can be daunting at times. Benefit from the advice and experience of someone who has already succeeded.

Not only Rhys, but a whole team of experts are available for one to one advice, or just a chat on the phone. You can’t be the best at everything, so we have someone else for those bits. Each member of our team is an expert in their respective fields; be that marketing, web design, accounting, law, staffing and talent attraction or business strategy.

Brand Building

It’s no longer enough to just build a website, design a logo and hope for the best. Now is the age of the brand.

In an ever more competitive market space we not only help you market your business to stand out from the masses, but help develop your brand by coaching you and your team to embrace it and become brand ambassadors. Whatever mediums you choose to do this, we provide hands on support, consultation and training in all areas of traditional and digital marketing.

“We know the importance of having a great team around you, so we supply the best services tailored to your business.

 We even have legal representation retained for all our partners.”

Retained legal counsel. Image courtesy of

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