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When asked by Global Recruiter, what should recruiters do to prepare for growth in their Growth Special Issue in December 2016, here’s what Rhys had to say.

“With every recruiter I set up in business I ask them to explain their short, medium and long-term business growth goals. Knowing this is critical, not only for the initial business set-up, but also to ensure we are ahead of the game building the business infrastructure. I’ve seen first-hand in the businesses I’ve grown it pays huge dividends to operate your business today for the business you want to be tomorrow. So for me the key to growth is as simple as ‘decide where you want to be so you can plan how to get there’.

As an example, for a market specific recruitment business use your database properly from day one, not once you start hiring new recruiters. Most successful recruiters know their market so well they don’t feel the need to use the database in the way a new to the business recruiter would, however it’s massively lucrative to get the market knowledge from their head onto the database so their future employees will be able to access it easily and quickly.

This does require refreshing old disciplines to attribute clients correctly, add new contacts as they’re discovered and store candidates so they’re easy to find for job matching.

However doing something as basic as this will pay big dividends, making it so much easier and quicker for new hires to start making placements, critical for profitable business growth.”

Rhys Jones – managing director, Davidson Gray

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