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Everything you need to know about setting up your own recruitment business with Davidson Gray.

When you begin to think seriously about starting your own recruitment business, lots of thoughts and questions can start to arise. We understand it’s important to know all the answers to those key questions when acting on such a life-changing decision.

If you have any other questions you would like to know the answer to drop us a message and we will endeavour to add it on to the list below.

Question 1
What’s involved in your marketing support services?
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We have a comprehensive marketing support infrastructure that is very much tailored to you. During the launch phase for instance, we provide branding and SEO services. Hands-on support also comes in the form of content creation; email campaigns, as well as social media setup and planning. We also provide ongoing training and support on things like; social software and tools, job ad writing and the latest marketing trends.

Question 2
What level of support do I get with my accounts?
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Preparation of end-of-year accounts, personal tax returns, and other reports are all done for you. You also have access to consultancy and advice when you need it.

Question 3
I plan on working from home to start with, how do you help me set up my home office?
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Working from home can be the best solution to start with, we set you up with and provide amongst other things; virtual phone numbers and addresses, email accounts, a database, website, business cards, cloud storage, plus an IT team for support should you need it. Working from home can also be lonely so don’t forget the invaluable mentoring service from Rhys and the team. Co-working spaces may also be an option for you if you live in a city.

Question 4
How will I know if I have been successful in becoming a Davidson Gray partner?
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We endeavour to respond to all enquiries. You will be made aware at each stage whether you are then able to proceed.

Question 5
How much can I realistically expect to make?
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You should on average be able to pay yourself 75% of your billings.

Question 6
How long does the startup process take?
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Every startup business we back is different. A large part of what determines this is you. We help establish your startup strategy to suit you and your business goals. We have an experienced and dedicated team ready to help you from day one. The initial setup can be as quick as 6 weeks, but we advise that on average it takes a few months.

Question 7
Do I need any startup capital?
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No, once onboard as a partner we are a true partnership. All our services are provided at no cost to you. We invest in everything you need to startup. We take only a percentage of the revenues you generate when you become successful. We provide comprehensive support services to get your ideas off the ground.

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