Davidson Gray’s got a new look, but we still build the best recruitment start-ups.

We recently unveiled a major brand reaffirmation, read why these changes aren't just skin deep.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have just unveiled a major brand reaffirmation, and these external changes aren’t just skin deep.

The business has shifted has shifted its focus as a reaction to the positive feedback of partner business owners to the one to one coaching from owner Rhys Jones. The emphasis has moved to secure this level of attention spent by Rhys himself with his partner businesses delivering hands on support. A more boutique and personal approach is at the centre of the Davidson Gray values and we hope this is reflected in our new brand identity.

An early objective of the rebrand given by Rhys and the Davidson Gray team was “to reflect the partner business owners feedback on the most valuable aspects of what we do; including the one to one help I and my team give, and how as a team we share the common goal for quality business growth in the partner businesses.” This is something of real importance to Rhys himself as, “I want people to be able to learn from my experiences and together build well respected successful recruitment businesses that we can be proud of.”

The new website also gives people like you, potential recruitment entrepreneurs, access to the important information you need to know when embarking on such a significant decision as starting your own business. The site has practical and useful material for those who aspire to build their own recruitment business.

We hope you like it, enjoy!

We now have a cap on the number of businesses we will sponsor, so get in touch here.